Poly Green House

Polyhouse is a type of greenhouse where specialized polythene sheet is used as a covering material under which the crops can be grown in partially or fully controlled climatic conditions. Traditionally, the greenhouses were constructed on wooden frames where the glass was used as a cladding material. With the advancement of plastic technology, it became possible to replace the glass with plastic material. Polyhouses are more suitable for tropical and subtropical regions like India. Modern-day polyhouses are built on G.I. steel frame and are covered with plastic, which is fixed on the frame with aluminum grippers. The white plastic film used for covering is of high quality; 200 microns thickness, with 3 years guarantee against degradation due to UV and weather. Mostly drip irrigation system is installed inside a polyhouse for watering purpose.

Types of Poly House.

1.Saw tooth polyhouse

2.Maxi-vent polyhouse

3.Fan and pad polyhouse